What is Mp3 song?

 MP3 is short Fomr for MPEG audio Layer 3. MPEG is the acronym for Moving Picture Experts Group which develop compression systems use for video data like DVD movies and HDTV broadcasts. The MP3 format is a compression system for music

How Many types of Mp3 are There?

Right now the most Familiar is 128kbps, but 48, 56, 64, 96, 192, 320 and more are all in use. The lower the bit-rate, the more extreme the compression, and the more obvious its audible consequences. Secondly, there are two types of MP3 coding constant and variable bit-rate

How to Download mp3 song

There are lot of free MP3 music download sites that allow you to download MP3 songs for free on a laptop PC and mobile phone

There is a Famous website called Pagalworld who is Providing HD mp3 song 

Why is Mp3 so Popular?

MP3 offer CD-quality sound and can be stored easily an average song often takes anywhere from 3 to 5 mb of space. With increasingly high-quality computer sound systems, MP3 playlists offer a number of advantages over CD's.